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*** 閉鎖のお知らせ ***



At this time, I close my fansite (and this fanblog).

I have kept updating this site for about 10 years since 2007. In the busy current situation, what I could only do is introducing informations from the official accounts.
Now fans can get immediately new informations by following the accounts on SNS. And the accuracy of online translation service has been improved more than before.
I feel introducing belatedly the informations with my bad translation is already meaningless.

I have kept this site because I felt lonely other fansites are closed one after another. And I wished to support the band as much as possible.
But I made finally the bitter decision to close it in this 10th year.

I sincerely appreciate you, other fans who visited this site, the nice German fans who welcomed me and got along well with me, the members of the band who authorized this fansite and gave me many warm words, the staffs who were kind for me all time.
Thank you very much. Herzlichen Dank.
I always wish you will be in wonderful music and many happiness.

kakezara, an everlasting fan of Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub


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